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´╗┐City of Saskatoon loses at labour board over suspended bus driver

The Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board (SLRB) ordered the city of Saskatoon to issue an official letter of apology to a senior transit driver after he was wrongfully suspended for not wearing his seatbelt and not securing his bus when he got up to deal with an unruly passenger in "´╗┐Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" December.

"This was an incident that took place that affected all of our operators not just Doug (Mongovius) so I'm very happy with the fact that Doug got the opportunity to bring his issue forward," Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) president Jim Yakubowski said Friday after the hearing.

Video footage recorded by the on board camera on the transit bus recorded the incident on Dec. 13, 2013. The union said the video shows an unruly "Anabolika Definition" passenger, a student from Walter Murray Collegiate, confronting Mongovius after he asked Anavar E Espinhas the passenger to leave the bus. Mongovius told the labour board he asked the student to Deca Durabolin Results leave after the student pushed another passenger to the ground.

Once the student was off the bus, Mongovius said he ran next to the bus, banging on the windows and the door as the bus drove off. Mongovius testified shortly after that the passenger's friend then came up to him and started swearing and yelling in his face.

Mongovius said he filed a complaint with a transit manager, but that "Anadrol 50" the whole incident didn't sit well with him and he had trouble sleeping.

"I wanted something to be done to the students, we don't deserve to be treated like this," Mongovius told the board.

He adds that nothing happened until a meeting in February where transit and city management advised him "Oxandrolone Powder India" not to push this issue because he didn't look good in the video. The city claims Mongovius inappropriately put his hands on the student, but Mongovius assured the board the student backed into him. The city also claims Mongovius was taunting the student, telling him to "get lost and go call your mommy for a ride."

In a meeting on March 4, Mongovius was served with a letter outlining appropriate behaviour for a city bus driver, as well as a notice of suspension for three days without pay because Mongovius was not wearing his seatbelt and for not securing his bus during the incident.

"I have given 20 plus years and done nothing wrong until this so I was flabbergasted," Mongovius said, adding he nearly fell off his seat when he read the suspension letter.

In response the union asked to view the video from the bus camera. The union claims they saw Mongovius secure the bus before dealing with the student. At a meeting on March 14, the city rescinded the suspension and paid Mongovius for the three days he missed plus any overtime he could have qualified for.

"There were no apologies despite the reversed decision," Mongovius said.

In April the ATU filed an unfair labour practice seeking damages for the mental and physical pain Mongovius suffered throughout the whole ordeal. The union was also looking to get Mongovius's record cleared of disciplinary letters.

"I believe there should be some restitution for what I've been through. I hope this doesn't happen to another driver," Mongovius said.

After viewing the video the labour board ruled on the union's demands from the city which would serve as restitution for the incident.

The union asked for damages related to Mongovius's mental and physical distress, a written apology, a copy of the bus video and the removal of disciplinary documents from Mongovius's record.

Labour Board Decision

On Friday the board ordered the city to issue the apology and Deca Durabolin C'Est Quoi to remove all disciplinary records from Mongovius's record. However in favour of privacy the board ruled not to handover a copy of the video to the union, keeping it sealed from the public eye.

Yakubowski said he wanted the video "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" to help train drivers on how to handle conflicts in the workplace.

"We have been asking for quite some time to have some conflict resolution training to deal with these situations and we have new operators who could use additional training the intent was to be able to do that from within," he said.

The union's lawyer said these orders will be fulfilled once the transit lockout is over and the union returns to work.

Since the lockout on Sept. 20, the union has been under the impression that it's an illegal lockout because Mongovius's case was still before the labour board. A hearing has been set for Oct.

"Potential exists that it could happen as early as Monday morning," he said, adding pensions and wages continue to be at the top of the agenda.

Since Sept. 20, 330 transit workers have been locked out suspending regular transit services in Saskatoon.